Cadwell Sidecar Revival 2023 is just around the corner

Cadwell Sidecar Revival 2023 is just around the corner

Cadwell Sidecar Revival 2023 is just around the corner

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The fifth running of the popular Cadwell Sidecar Revival takes place next weekend 4-6 August against a backdrop of domination in the main British Championship class by Todd Ellis and Emmanuelle Clement on their Brookland Yamaha LCR.

The championship races are just one part of what has become a “must see” weekend dedicated to all forms of sidecar circuit racing on one of the most historic and typically British tracks in the country. The new format sees both long and short outfits compete in the same races, with class awards for F1 Cup and F2 competitors.

RKB-F1 Motorsport is thrilled to welcome you back in numbers to witness once again a celebration of our sport across the decades, now in its fifth year. There is a real mix of machinery and personalities for you to connect with over the weekend. As well as British Championship races for the afore-mentioned long and short F2 outfits, the FSRA British F2 crews will be doing battle for championship points with an equal amount of determination.

Throw into the pot the bellowing Camathias Cup runners, a mixture of F1 and F2 Club teams, the BHR BEARS with their fascinating outfits and all manner of other classic kit, and your hunger for three wheels should be sated. A parade of GP Legend former sidecar machines adds to an incredible line-up.

There is a strong support entry of period solos too, from classic two-strokes from  a golden era to Lansdowne Cup traditional four-strokes, and a whole array of other fascinating machinery all guaranteed to delight.

The Sidecar Revival is round four of a seven-round British Championship series culminating at Brands Hatch in October, with several fast teams nipping at the heels of Ellis/Clement.

Most prominent of these, is the Hannafin Yamaha of Sam and Tom Christie who have really shown a new level of speed this season.

Next in line sit Lewis Blackstock and Paddy Rosney on the DHR/Express Tyres Services Yamaha with every chance of reducing the twelve-point gap they trail the Christies by. It is good to see the Honda of Craig Currie and Justin Sharp in the mix, having joined the series at Donington Park. George Holden/Oscar Lawrence (Kawasaki) are just a handful of points ahead of Rob Biggs/Ferry Segers in fifth and sixth respectively.

Cup leaders Simon Robinson/Mick Fairhurst had their lead slashed to just two points at Snetterton, with Phil/Carl Bell now very much in the ascendancy, but they in turn are only two points clear of the evergreen Brian Gray with Clement Conil alongside.

The F2’s will delight as always, so there should be plenty to excite the many spectators who always turn up at this annual festival.

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BSB and Sidecars in 2024

BSB and Sidecars in 2024

BSB and Sidecars in 2024

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After the recent announcement by the BSB confirming their support series for 2024, there has been much speculation as to whether the British Sidecar Championship will be amongst the schedules.

In light of this news, we would like to confirm the continued running at selected rounds across the 2024 season, as a support series for the BSB championship.

Further details and clarity of which event dates will be announced nearer the season commencement.


Ellis/Clement maintain maximum at red-flagged Snetterton

Ellis/Clement maintain maximum at red-flagged Snetterton

Ellis/Clement maintain maximum at red-flagged Snetterton

Ellis and Clement
Rowe Motor Oil

A clear blue sky and soaring temperatures greeted a strong entry for round three at the Snetterton 300 circuit over the weekend.

New names and new machines saw the return of former champion Ricky Stevens with brother Wayne alongside, out for the first time on a brand-new Ryde chassis powered by Yamaha. They freely admitted this was a test outing for them to see how the rest of the season unfolded.

Laidlow and Laidlow

Another new team featured the Laidlow brothers from Cumbria with seventeen-year old Sam on the handlebars and twenty-year-old Jack holding down the third wheel. This is their first season with a long chassis, and they handled free practice well.

Todd Ellis and Emmanuelle Clement set the pace in practice, but qualifying would show who might challenge them.


Track conditions were very hot, as indeed was the ambient temperature. Whilst this  should suggest maximum grip, several teams had mentioned a slippery and unpredictable surface.

However the track might have felt, there was no mistaking the intentions of the series leaders. Of the six laps they completed, the final tour was the one which came to within a second of the lap record held by Ben and Tom Birchall. A time of 1.58.017 gave Todd Ellis and Emmanuelle Clement (LCR Brookland Yamaha) a half-second edge over the Quattro Group Yamaha of Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood. These two teams would start first and second and were well clear of the rest of the grid, with third and fourth slots taken by Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney (DHR/Express Tyre Services Yamaha) and George Holden/Oscar Lawrence (Holden Racing Kawasaki).

G Holden and Lawrence

Row three comprised Luke Williams/Jason Pitt and Rob Biggs/Ferry Segers with almost identical times. Craig Currie/Justin Sharp were strong in seventh alongside Rupert Archer/Adam Christie. Given good weather for the races, the lap record could well  change.

Race One

Cloud cover had formed during the afternoon, with showers possible. Just as the sidecars came to the line, the sun was out again, and the stage was set.

From the lights, a three-way charge at the front saw Kershaw/Charlwood almost pip Ellis/Clement to turn one, but Todd Ellis out braked the Quattro Yamaha round the outside to grab the lead. Slotting into third was the DHR/Express Tyre Services Yamaha of Blackstock/Rosney.

Blackstock and Rosney

What followed, was a race long scrap between those three crews with Lewis Blackstock and Paddy Rosney falling back slightly into a safe podium place. Their lap times were consistent, and they looked good. Ellis/Clement were always threatened by the Quattro Yamaha but never succumbed.

In their efforts to gain control, Kershaw/Charlwood set the fastest lap on lap four to get within three tenths of Ben Birchall’s lap record.

Further back, the action was very busy with George Holden/Oscar Lawrence holding fourth, but Sam and Tom Christie were making a stunning charge through the field from last on the grid. They were passing two and three outfits each lap as they fought through.

Luke Williams and Jason Pitt were incredibly strong on their come-back ride after fifteen weeks hospital and reconstruction treatment on Jason’s legs, and Luke’s broken hand. They were running fifth all race until the Christie brothers made them their final victim on their way to fifth place.

Williams/Pitt were best Cup team ahead of Phil and Carl Bell, who are now real Cup title contenders.

Agostini’s bend caused two outfits to capsize, first to go were Rob Biggs and Ferry Segers on lap four, with Craig Hauxwell/Derek Taylor doing the same in dramatic fashion two laps later. They ran in too hot, made a late turn and were upside down as the rear end broke away.

Derek unfortunately broke an arm and foot as he was thrown high in the air before hitting the tarmac. This resulted in a red flag and a result declared with six laps completed.

There were many spirited battles through the field, and several impressive individual performances, one of which was the debut of the Laidlow brothers Sam and Jack in their first championship outing on the Marin Motorsports Yamaha to finish thirteenth overall and fourth in class ahead of several Cup regulars, with their fastest lap in the 1.24’s.


1/Ellis/Clement (LCR Brookland Yamaha)
2/Kershaw/Charlwood (Quattro Group Yamaha)
3/Blackstock/Rosney (DHR/Express Tyre Services Yamaha)
4/Holden/Lawrence (Holden Racing Kawasaki)
5/Christie/Christie (Hannafin Yamaha)
6/Williams/Pitt (WSRT Yamaha)
7/Bell/Bell (Marin Motorsport Yamaha)
8/Archer/Christie (Hannafin Yamaha)
9/Currie/Sharp (Robinsons of Bawtry Honda)
10/Cable/Richardson (L&W Contractors Yamaha)

Race Two

Following a light shower, the track was once again in perfect condition with Kershaw/Charlwood on pole this time by virtue of their race one fastest lap. They denied Ellis the hole shot and led for three laps despite Ellis’s best efforts to muscle by. This also gave Blackstock/Rosney the chance to hang close in third place, although they were to lose out to the determined Christie brothers on lap three. The Hannafin duo made third place theirs just as Ellis/Clement slid underneath Kershaw on a right-hander to claim the lead.

Once again, behind the leading quartet, Holden and Lawrence were holding fifth but this time Rob Biggs/Ferry Segers were climbing all over them. Craig Currie/Justin Sharp had Kevin Cable/Charlie Richardson for company the entire race, unable to shake the L&W bike off.

Sadly, Cup class leaders Simon Robinson/Mick Fairhurst were to roll the outfit on the fifth lap resulting in Robinson getting his leg trapped and an ensuing red flag, the second of the weekend. A result was declared, and half-points awarded.

Once again, newcomers Sam/Jack Laidlow acquitted themselves with distinction, ending up on the third step on the Cup class podium. Seventeen crews finished with the returning Stevens brothers and Luke Williams/Jason Pitt among the retirees.



Standings GP Class

1/Ellis/Clement 138
2/Christie/Christie 112
3/Blackstock/Rosney 99
4/Currie/Sharp 70
5/Holden/Lawrence 62
6/Biggs/Segers 57
7/Kershaw/Charlwood 55
8/Archer/Christie 48
9/Cable/Richardson 27
10/Kirk/Masters 25

Standings Cup Class

1/Bell/Bell 113
2/Gray/Conil 109
3/Robinson/Fairhurst 102
4/Kirby/Kirby 92
5/Bell/Colbrook 55
6/Clarke/Ensor 52
7/Crawford/Lowther 50
8/Hauxwell/Taylor 50
9/Peach/Edwards 35
10/Pottinger/Dodds 35
11/Moss/Geddes 30
12/Laidlow/Laidlow 28
13/Williams/Pitt 25
14/Stevens/Stevens 6

The highlights will be available on the Youtube Channel shortly and other information will be available on the website as it occurs. Make sure you stay across all the news and action on

Photo credits: Snap-it Photography
Images available on request from Facebook/Instagram

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