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Pearson / Restall

Billy Pearson and Jon Restall
ABS Racing

Billy Pearson

Resides: Wakefield
Number of years sidecar racing:
from the age of 16, 2nd full season
Favourite race circuit:
Cadwell Park, due to the undulations & nadgery parts. Home circuit.
Career highlight:
2023 Bemsee F2 Sidecar Champion
Hobbies: Rugby League (used to be a referee) & Sidecar racing


Jon Restall

Resides: Waterlooville
Number of years racing:
34 years
Favourite race circuit:
Brands Hatch GP Circuit, home circuit and also done my first GP there
Career highlight:
Winning European races in 1998
2002 Bemsee F2 Champion
2007 Bemsee F1 Champion
Dedicated to sidecars and no other time for anything else


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