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Knockhill - Laidlow
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The teams would have something of a challenge to match the stunning action from the previous round at Donington, but if any track lends itself to close racing, it is the Knockhill circuit.

A relatively small turnout saw just thirteen outfits on track for free practice, with qualifying later Friday afternoon. Various domestic issues plus injuries kept several teams away and the session started in wet weather, although things improved deeper into it. Rob Biggs and Ferry Segers showed a clean pair of heels to the pack in the free session, repeating the speed we saw from Biggs on earlier appearances at Knockhill.

They were just ahead of John Holden using Clement Conil as stand-in passenger, and Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney fresh from two good rides at the TT. Local talent Steve Kershaw was enjoying the services of Justin Sharp in the absence of Ryan Charlwood who was working in France this weekend.

Knockhill - Kershaw


The twenty-minute session was in wet conditions, although blue sky prevailed towards the end. Due to the damp, it seemed some teams had problems getting their drive down, to the point where John Holden and his French passenger were seen deep in conversation as to positioning at that spot. John appeared happy, qualifying mid-pack just two seconds off pole.

Knockhill - Holden

The session was hotly contested between Blackstock/Rosney and Kershaw/Sharp with Sam and Jack Laidlow coming into the picture late on.

It was tit-for-tat as the times changed lap after lap, with the overall series leaders stealing pole position in the closing stages. Andy Peach/Ken Edwards had engine problems and did not register a time, They would be burning the midnight oil to make the grid.

Two-tenths split the top three, so this was going to be a great entertaining weekend.


1/ Laidlow/Laidlow
2/ Kershaw/Sharp
3/ Blackstock/Rosney
5/ Biggs/Segers
6/ Holden/Lawrence
7/ Holden/Conil
8/ Bell/Colbrook
9/ Clarke/Ensor
10/ Atkinson/Smith

Race One

Torrential rain during the afternoon forced a delay in the schedule of well over one hour. The opening sidecar race got underway at around 7.15 pm in dubious conditions. There was standing water in some areas of the track, but that did not prevent Lewis Blackstock and Paddy Rosney rocketing into the lead from the lights.


Duffus Dip was interesting first time around as Sam/Jack Laidlow diced with Steve Kershaw/Justin Sharp for second place. The Laidlow brothers got the verdict and set after Blackstock. These three outfits were then chased by a fast-starting Phil Bell and Phil Hyde, who held fourth place for the entire race.

Then on lap four, the Laidlow brothers made their move to take over at the front, and eventually hold that lead despite Blackstock trying hard every lap at the hairpin to reclaim the place. There is no doubting the improvement in the Laidlow brothers, they have stepped up to the next level and are now a real force to be reckoned with. Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney were as reliable as ever, just keeping their cool and playing the long game. They promoted themselves to with half a point of the GP class lead and are just eight and a half behind the Laidlows with around eight races still left to do. It’s going to be an interesting run-in to the Brands Finale.

The entire top six teams then remained in formation to a premature end of proceedings when the red flag came out on lap seven. This was brought about by a collision between Rob Biggs and Mick Bell when Rob made a move at the hairpin, only to aquaplane and collect the outfit in front.

This resulted in significant damage to Rob’s bike and a result was declared.

Knockhill - Biggs - Bell

Half points were awarded due to the shortened nature of the race.


1/ Sam/Jack Laidlow (Express Tyre Services/Pendragon Yamaha)
2/ Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney (Dave Holden Racing Yamaha)
3/ Steve Kershaw/Justin Sharp (Blinkbonny Quarry Yamaha)
4/ Phil Bell/Phil Hyde (Marin Motorsports Yamaha)
5/ George Holden/Oscar Lawrence (Holden Racing Kawasaki)
6/ John Holden/Clement Conil (John Holden Racing Yamaha)
7/ Andy Peach/Ken Edwards (Lifesafety Yamaha)
8/ Rob Biggs/Ferry Segers (Express Tyre Services Yamaha
9/ Atkinson/Smith (RAF Engineering/Mecsia Adolf RS)
10/ Moss/Hope (Lifesafety Yamaha)
11/Pring/Parkin (Shand Yamaha)

Race two

Once again the heavens had done their worst ahead of the mid-morning start, and the track was very wet. From the lights, the Laidlow brothers shot into the lead into Duffus dip and never looked back. They set fastest lap on lap eleven, eclipsing Blackstock’s time by one tenth.

Blackstock and Rosney were hard on their heels and despite trying every move in the book, that was how it stayed throughout. Spray from the fat Hoosiers was a major problem and lack of visibility affected overtaking moves.

Kershaw and Sharp were once again best of the rest, holding third place and bring it home for another podium in what had become quite a processional affair due to the poor visibility.

Knockhill - Kershaw - Bell

Phil Bell/Phil Hyde showed their knowledge of Knockhill with another strong fourth place.

The battle at the front though was fierce, and it was also good to see Rob Biggs and Ferry Segers back in action after a major repair overnight.

In the closing stages, sixth placed John Holden got it sideways on lap ten and turned upside down, with Andy Peach unable avoid the incident. He in turn went off the track and was out of the action as well. John had been scrapping once again with son George, and Rob Biggs inherited sixth place. A fine ride under the circumstances.

Knockhill - Peach

Knockhill always delivers great racing and even though the entry was low in numbers and the weather appalling, there was no shortage of drama and close racing.

If this weekend taught us anything, it cemented the opinion that the Laidlow brothers have arrived, they are here to stay. They are unbeaten in the cup class as well as holding the overall lead in the championship.

Knockhill - Laidlow - Blackstock


1/ Laidlow/Laidlow
2/ Blackstock/Rosney
3/ Kershaw/Sharp
4/ Bell/Hyde
5/ Holden/Lawrence
6/ Biggs/Segers
7/ Clarke/Ensor,
8/ Atkinson/Smith
9/ Bell/Colbrook
10/ Moss/Hope
11/ Pring/Parkin.


Overall – Laidlow 140.5, Blackstock 128, G. Holden 106, Biggs 91,
Kershaw 72, Kirby 70, Clarke 62, P. Bell 53, Stevens 48, Christie 47

GP – Blackstock 132.5, G. Holden 128, Biggs 119, Kershaw 75, J. Holden 63,
Williams 60, Christie 47, Cable 28.

Cup – Laidlow 162.5, Clarke 110, Kirby 104, Atkinson 103, P. Bell 77,
Stevens 62, Peach 48, M. Bell 44, Moss 42, Nicol 16, Hauxwell 10.

Both Knockhill races will be aired on our Youtube Channel, whilst round four comes from the Snetterton 300 Circuit in Norfolk over the weekend of 5-7 July, so be sure to catch that and all other reports and news as it unfolds here on

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